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This Anthropologie clutch (similar here) is the perfect spring/summer accessory and 
I found it on sale, so I clearly couldn’t say no!
This week was filled with lots of ups and downs. I came down with a case of the Mondays and it totally threw me off (I usually welcome Mondays and the fresh start). But I am back on track now and can happily say that my week wasn’t affected too much by the rough start. I am, of course, looking forward to this weekend, especially since we are going for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants! I’m sure it will be just the thing I need to make sure next Monday starts off on the right foot!
I’ve recently discovered that using a french press is a quick and easy way to froth milk 
(other ideas here), and now I make tea lattes (too much) at home as a nice 
afternoon treat.
Besides my favourite clutch, I have been loving these gold detailed boots from target 
(similar here). I had been wanting to try shorter boots and since the price was 
right I couldn’t pass them up.
I picked up this stocking holder on sale after Christmas. I was about to pack it away with 
my other decorations, but decided to keep it out and use it as a hook for my 
Sugar Paper calendar! It works perfectly and who doesn’t
 love some owl details?