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Can you guys believe that it’s already mid June!?! Seriously where did May go? Either way I’m excited that it’s June, which means summer is almost here! This is my favourite time of year as we move from spring to summer, things just always seem more relaxed and enjoyable. There are so many fun things I want to do this summer (more on that later), but before we get there, I thought I would start sharing some of my monthly favourites with you all. At the beginning of every month I’m going to look back and share some of my favourites that I either bought, was given or that I experienced. I thought this was a fun way to show you guys some of my go to products and even more so, to keep an eye on what I’m buying (eek). So let’s jump right in! Here are my May favourites!

This month I picked out 8 products that I have been loving. Truly each one of these products has become my go to staple!
Ole Henriksen Face Wipes: I had been searching for face wipes for a little while now. I used some drugstore brands a long time ago and went back to try them again. However, this time around my skin wasn’t too happy with me that I did. Most of them irritated my face and I got a slight reaction to a few different brands. So off to Sephora I went and came across these! I’m so glad I did. I’m really in to more natural and clean face products lately and I was so happy when I found these ones because they fit the bill. They smell amazing and take makeup off really well. They are also supposed to brighten your face, which I do notice but just slightly. They don’t irritate my face at all and don’t sting around my eyes, which I find some wipes can do.
Eos Shave Cream: Yes, I know, this is quite random. But I came across this the other day at Target and decided to give it a go. I’ve heard so many great things about their lotions and lip balms, so I was excited to try it. Honestly guys this was life changing. Like words can’t even describe how in love with this I am (and yes shaving cream can be life changing). It leaves your skin so smooth afterwards and just makes shaving so much easier. This is my number 1 favourite from this past month so run to your nearest target and buy every single one on the shelf!
Rifle Paper Co. Cards: How cute are these? I think I have an obsession (we all knew that) with Rifle Paper Co products. I picked these two cards up in hopes of framing them for my gallery wall (more to come on that soon!), but decided to hold off and use them as cards instead. I’m excited to send these out to a few friends soon.
Kate Spade Pencil Set: Well to add to my stationery obsession, this Kate Spade pencil set, which was given to me as a birthday present (my friends know me so well) makes everything that much better. What’s better than writing your to do list with a fun and bright pencil? Well nothing in my books. 
Maybelline Lipcolor: To add to my major slight stationery obsessions I think I also have a lipstick/gloss obsession. I can’t seem to leave Target without grabbing a new one. I picked this Maybelline one up at the beginning of May and I knew it would be the perfect spring colour. This one is called Vivd Rose and it is the perfect bright pink/red colour.
Origins Moisturizer: Since it is almost summer I started thinking about my SPF situation and realized my face moisturizer did not have any SPF in it. So I did some research and again keeping with a more natural product, I came across this Origins face moisturizer with SPF 30 in it. I really like it so far and it again has the same brightening effect as the Ole Henriksen face wipes, which I love.
Lush Face Mask: Ok so I might have bought this mask at the end of April, and yes I’m a rebel for including it in my May favourites, but I just had to. I’ve used this a few times now and every time I’m always amazed at how smooth it leaves my skin. It has a great peppermint smell to it and leaves my skin so soft and refreshed.
Lululemon Sports Bra: Well I did it; I finally found a gym I like. After a few trial and errors I recently joined a new gym and I love it! I quickly realized though that I did not have enough workout clothes and quickly made my way to Lululemon. I love their sports bras, and for me they are so comfortable and I love the thinner straps on them. A little tip for you guys too, I usually go in every so often and just check to see if any of them are on sale, which they usually are, and that’s when I scoop them up! I mean you wear a shirt over them so for me I don’t really care if mine are neon orange or some crazy pattern! If I can save $20 or so then it’s well worth it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this months favourites! What were some of your May favourites? Stay tuned for a new series post coming tomorrow! I’m excited about this one guys, it’s a little different then my usual posts but something that just speaks to my heart! Have a great Wednesday!