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I’ve been playing around with some of my home decor recently and trying out new ways to style different pieces around my house. I usually keep my coffee table styled the same, some flowers, stacked coffee table books or magazines and some little trinkets. However, lately I’ve been changing that style up more and more frequently and I’ve loved some of the combinations I’ve come up with. I also started to notice that I have 3 go to ways of styling my coffee table. These 3 ways are super simple, but definitely give more detail and colour to your space. Check them out below and let me know which style is your favourite!

Coffee Table-use flowers
1. USE FLOWERS: This is definitely my go to look for styling my coffee table. It’s definitely the most simple and easy way of the three ways featured. This is my go to look for when people are coming over, and I’m especially loving flowers right now because they add some extra colour to these gloomy winter days!

Coffee Table-use books
2. USE BOOKS: This is a great way to show off some of those coffee table books you might have. I’ve been collecting coffee table books for the past few years and I love to display them around my house. It’s also such a great way to create varying heights on your coffee table to add some extra detail. I also love that people can grab and scan through a book if they want. It can be a great conversation piece and starter.

Coffee Table-use a tray
3. USE A TRAY: I seem to have many trays around my house (I have no idea why…), and yet I haven’t ever used them on my coffee table. I tried this look out the other day and have been loving it ever since. I especially love that it encourages organization and is a great place to store everything from the remote to coasters. It is definitely the best option if you have a lot of things to store on your coffee table.

Where To Find Items:
Coffee Table: Ikea (spray painted)
Rug: Ikea
White/Gold Vase: Target (similar)
Glass Vase: HomeSense (similar)
Urchin: Target (similar)
Coasters: Kate Spade
White and Gold Tray: Target (similar)
Gold Tray: Target (similar)