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When I was decorating my bedroom (last seen here), I knew I wanted to add a few different patterns and a good dose of colour. It wasn’t until after it was finished that I heard a few comments from friends and family about how they would never think to combine such bold patterns together. So, this got me thinking, where else could you mix and match patterns? I’m a true believer in “going for it” when it comes to home decor. I think why not give something a shot (things can always be returned) and I really try to not live by any rules. I think home decor should be fun and it should a representation of you and your style. So I complied a list of rooms and decided to create a little colour/pattern scheme to show you guys just how easy mixing patterns in home decor is! If you look below you’ll probably notice my love of stripes shining through. I think stripes are always the perfect pattern to add to any room. They aren’t overwhelming, but they still add a pop of colour and layer to any room. If you have a busy pattern picked out already, definitely try adding a stripe pattern in to the mix! I promise it will work!
mixing patterns

Bedroom: Curtains / Pillow / Pillow / Headboard
Office: Chair / Bench / Rug
Family Room: Rug / Pillow / Pillow / Curtains
Dinning Room: Curtains / Chair / Rug