House Tour 01: Charming Renovated Cabin

cozy and charming cabin
Design: Rita Konig
Architect: G.P. Schafer Architect

   Project: New House In Mill Valley


As we move into fall, and naturally as we begin to crave those cozy spaces, this was the first house I knew needed to be featured for the first house tour on Walker & Co. It truly embodies and represents that “lived in home” feeling and is a great first example of a house achieving not only beautiful spaces but spaces to be lived in and thoroughly enjoyed.


The entryway. The entryway is everything. I feel like it fully embodies that “lived in” feel and look. It is the essence of a lived in home. As you then move throughout the rest of the home, you are greeted with endless amounts of cosiness, layered colours and textures and a nod to the original 1870’s cabin that it once was. It effortlessly combines old with new.


cozy and charming cabin

cozy and charming cabin  cozy and charming cabin dining room

cozy and charming cabin bedroom

cozy and charming cabin bedroom  cozy and charming cabin bathroom

W&C Favourites:

  • The entryway and how it mixes finishes perfectly. Not distracting, but layered enough to create interest
  • The den/living area – the window bench and fireplace make this the ultimate cozy space. This room combines colour so perfectly, with the burnt oranges and rust colours being pulled from the area rug, while the blue pillows compliments the area nicely
  • All the little charming details – the built in bookcases in most rooms, the small alcove under the stairs, the charming little bar stand on the landing. It all comes together to not only create interest in the spaces, but gives the house these additional little areas to be enjoyed and lived in, that are otherwise overlooked.
  • Finally, I absolutely love that each room tells its own story, has its own little details and interesting notes. However, the individual charm of each room collectively all work together to still create a cohesive design throughout the whole home.

cozy and charming cabin  cozy and charming cabin

cozy and charming cabin

cozy and charming cabin living roomcozy and charming cabin reading nook  cozy and charming cabin


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